Saturday, February 21, 2009

10 Year Olds and Weddings

I bought the first "wedding planner" book ever in my life this week. Why, you ask? Because I flipped through it and it was actually well helpful, the only copy there, and $4.99. Yes, a 5 dollar wedding planning book. The cheapest thing for the entire wedding, I'm certain.

This got me to thinking about the people in the wedding. Why? I have no idea. I also have no idea how we went from "I want two bridesmaids and a simple wedding" to "Let's have a guest list of 400 and 5 people on each side of the wedding party." No idea, whatsoever. But, that's the way it is!

What is this post actually about, you ask? I'm getting there, one rambling at a time :)

I need my nephew, Ethan, to be in the wedding. He's 8 now, but will be 10 by the time the wedding rolls around. He's a huge part of my life and who I am, and I need him in it. But I don't just want him in it, I want him to have some kind of significant role in it. My mom suggested a Junior Groomsmen, but we have no one to be a Junior Bridesmaid and frankly we have enough people to stand up there already. But, what we don't have is a ring bearer. We have two flower girls, Baby B and Isabella, who will both be 3 at that point, but no little boys in either of our families and we want the boy to be older than the girls. (And by 'we' I definitely mean 'me' because I'm sure B couldn't care less). So I was thinking maybe Ethan could stand in the middle and hold the girls' hands and be the ring bearer, and we'd put the rings on dog tags around his neck. But, is 10 too old to be a ring bearer?

My favorite picture from the last time he was a ring bearer. The "how many *#%@^#@$! pictures do we have to take?!" face:

And does anyone have any other suggestions for how to put a 10 year old boy in a wedding significantly? I'll consider anything, traditional or something you just made up. Really, I'm desperate ;]

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