Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Honest Heart

I love when I realize why I love the people in my life so very much.

I love Bestie because, even though we can go a couple weeks without having an actual conversation these days due to schedules and distance, she always knows exactly what I need to hear:
"So, every time I look at the picture of you and B I just smile really big and think that I will always have that picture wherever I am and when I finally settle down I will have that picture and whatever the newest picture of your kids are next to each other. Your wedding picture/s will be hung on the wall somewhere in a collage that has random pictures at the lake and silly other life moments!"

I love B because we have conversations like this with nothing warranting them:
B: "Do you know how much I love you?"
V: "How much?"
B: "Soo much. And I'm going to show you every day we're together."
A sweet talker, that one. I'm slightly worried that he's talking himself into a huge roll to fill and doesn't realize it, but I love it anyway.

And I love my other friends because today we were able to get through spending hours moving things out of TJ and Steph's house relatively unscathed. And even though we had to deal with the passersby walking their dogs (their pretty greyhounds and boxers, by the way) asking the "are you guys moving?" question and having to decide whether to just lie and say "yes" to avoid it or tell the truth and have to go through the whole story, we were still able to keep some fun in it:

(this thanks to Kristy apparently being able to pull 9823928 clothespins out of her pockets at any random moment, and Jessie willing to be the guinea pig)

We also started plans for the next Mexico trip. November. Which is simply fictitious for me unless my parents decide to take pity on me and my brokeself and pay for it. Jess can afford it, Kristy can probably make it. Me...nope.

Speaking of which, I found three jobs! But I'm not sure I'm going to take any of them. One is full-time, one is a straight up business business so I have to set up a business meeting to see if I really have an interest in it anyway, and another is going to be hard to work around my school schedule. But...I'll relay more on this at a later date.

Going on a "mystery date" with B pretty soon for Valentine's Day! Hope you are enjoying yours!

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