Friday, February 6, 2009 Anyone?

I've noticed that some of you have some seriously awesome taste in books, and I've heeded some of your what-to-read advice. Have you heard of It's really quite cool. It's like an electronic bookshelf. You can search for and add books you've read, books you're currently reading, and books you want to read to your profile. You can rate each book with 1-5 stars, and even write reviews. There are book "clubs" that talk about certain books, and it's really quite cool. Plus it's free, which is the real attraction.

Translation: You should join so that I can get more book ideas from you. =]

If you do join, add me up: Via


The folks over at Who Says 8 Is Enough? are promoting a fundraiser for Tuesday. The Etsy company has created a pendant in her honor and is donating 10% of all sales to the Whitt family. They are very darling, and quite affordable at $7.95. Check it out and see for yourself!


We're apparently back to the not-having-any-idea-where-we're-living page. I love B a lot, but he has this disease called Makingupmymindaphobia. Whenever we go out to dinner or a movie or something little, he chooses. I'm okay with this, because I hate making trivial decisions because it really just doesn't matter where we eat or what movie we see. But, when it comes to big decisions B is...not good at them. I don't enjoy making them, but once I have made one then I tend not to change my mind; it's pretty final. B, however, is hardheaded and pretty much won't do anything unless he thinks he's the one who made the decision. I imagine his rememberence of the apartment conversation going like this:

B: "I think we should live right there on the top of ABC Rd. It's close to everything.
V: "Oh?"
B: "Yea. And doesn't your sister live there? Isn't it cheap?"
V: "Yes. We can look at it."
Two hours later...
V: "Okay. We can live there. I'm okay with that."
B: "Just kidding!"

To be honest, that is really not my first choice anyway. My first choice is somewhere around B's second to last choice. Personally, I like this:

Yes, it's only a one bedroom. Yes, it's a bit...crowded? But, it's also 150sqft bigger than the other one, it has a washer and dryer in every apartment, and the heat is paid for. That's right, the heat is paid for. Which would most likely make it cheaper than the other place, anyway.

What does B have against this, you ask? It's right next to the apartment complex that has the most crime in our area. It is not that complex, but it's next to it. However, we know people that live over there and have heard nothing of crime in that complex. However, my sister called me in the middle of the night last year from the other apartment complex (the one B likes, or did, or...whatever he wants) because someone had broken into her apartment. Of course, this came with a lot of screeching and exaggerations, and suddenly the trespasser went from no one saw him to a Sasquatch-type, giant hairy burglar with a massive gun of some sort. When I got over there at 3 in the morning, I believe our conversation went like this:

Sister: "Someone broke in through the balcony!"
V: "That's ridiculous. You live on the second floor. No one can get up there. R(her husband) probably just left the door open."
Sister: "There are footsteps in the bushes underneath the balcony!"
V: "It was probably just a cat. Are you missing anything?"
Sister: "No."
V: "It was probably just a cat."

My sister does a lot of overreacting. A lot. If I get a phone call in the middle of the night, it's about a 50/50 shot that it's her freaking out about something. Ethan coughed, or she swears she heard a gunshot, or the power went out 5 seconds earlier and she's imagining them all freezing to death. She calls me so I can tell her she's retarded so she'll stop freaking out.

The problem with this?

There really were footsteps in the bushes. Big, obvious footsteps. And although my brother-in-law did manage to run himself over with his own truck last year, he's just not stupid enough to leave a sliding door wide-open in his own living room in the middle of the night. But, since I didn't have to live there, I could say it never happened. Now that it's a possibility, it's a bit frightening for sure.

I still say washer+dryer+heat=winner.


indiana.girl said...

I'd go for that combination, and the apartment layout looks very efficient and easy to live in.

E. M. Slate said...

I agree! Go for the prepaid heat. And the apartment does look pretty nice, if a bit crowded. Since it's only the two of you for now, what do you need the extra space for, anyway? I mean, if you were planning on starting your family there, I'd say go for something bigger--but since you'll still be in the newly-married-and-saving-for-the-future stage, go with the most economically reasonable choice. ^^

Meshele said...

I'll third the heat/washer/drier option! I mean, space, and washer/drier? Or maybe that's the living-in-a-dorm-with-communal-washer/drier part of me talking.