Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bachelor 'Loves' All, Apparently.

For whatever reason I've been drawn into this season of the Bachelor. Well, when I remember to watch it...anyway. Last night I did, in fact, remember to do such. It was...interesting, to say the least.

There were three girls left for him: Jillian, Molly and Melissa. They all flew to New Zealand (the land of sheep and mountains, apparently).

The first date was with Jillian. His big worry? She's too independent. This seems to be a trend with his worries. God forbid any woman be independent, how in the world would Jason be the relationship ruler? Psst. Jillian says she wants to marry her best friend. Anyone else in the world would take this and say "that's lovely and exactly what I want," but Jason questions whether best friends can have hot, steamy, passionate make out sessions in a hot tub. So, naturally, he tries and they have such a scene. (As America sits at home and thinks, "Is this legal to play on television?") and then, of course, invites her back to his suite for the night.

The next date is Molly. They go bungee jumping. No problem, after all, "It's not that far" (...right). I wonder what would have happened if she chickened out. Or he, as he looked more nervous than she did (maybe he should be more independent). Afterwards he questions her affection for him. Who wouldn't? After the hot tub scene with Jillian, Molly's standoffish affection towards him is quite the change. But in the end, showing affection or not, Jason does not pass up a chance to spend the night with her (nor does Molly, who asks him to before he even suggests it).

And of course there is Melissa. Jason worries that he didn't meet her family. I wonder how much it really matters anyway, as they are not going to live anywhere near her family when they marry anyway. She wonders if it's a big deal. He thinks it is. She wants nothing more than to end this stupid conversation about her family because she's frankly a bit pissed at them for doing this to her. The real question he should be asking, however, is how is she going to do not being near her family? She talks to her brother 5-7 times and week and sees her parent 2-3 times a week. She can't do that in Seattle, that's a serious lifestyle change. But is Jason worried about this? No, of course not. Just worried about her parents, not her, duh. But, again, it doesn't really seem to matter as he takes her to his suite for the night. He explains the gorgeous suite to us as they walk that direction, as if he hadn't just spent the past two nights there with two OTHER women. Way to go, playboy.

And then comes the rose ceremony. I'm 100% sure Jillian is staying. 65/35 on Melissa/Molly. But, for sure, Jillian is staying. He calls Melissa first, and if I had had any ambition to do anything at all last night I would have turned it off and walked away, fully confident he was sending Molly. But, my laziness paid off as I sat there to watch him call Molly forward, and send Jillian home. What? Really? I large series of "no way"s came out of my mouth. Poor Jillian. She wasted that dirty hot tub scene only to get booted. To be honest, if it were me, I'd be pissed. And after this episode I'm almost tempted to side with Melissa's parents on the publicness of this being obnoxious. How would you feel if your husband slept with two other woman right before he proposed to you? Hmm. Not so hot.

Oh, and for those of you waiting like dogs sitting for a treat, DeAnna comes back in two weeks! I'm predicting that her "I made a mistake" statement has nothing to do with not picking Jason. And she only comes to offer advice. It's being played up too much to be anything else.

Melissa is the one, and frankly a bit too good for Jason. You go girl!


Milly said...

No! Oh no! Damn you, Meg! ARGH!

I just turned on last night episode's now (I lack a television, so I must watch them online), and I'm about 15 minutes into the first hour. And because of my inability to STOP READING I know how it turns out and poor Jillian! She was my favorite! AGH! JASON, YOU TOOL.

*takes tranquilizer, resumes watching*

Meshele said...

You know, there are days I worry for your (yes, both of you!) collective sanity.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

This show has me going bonkers.

New Girl on Post said...

Oh man...you need to have an entertainment blog. Your synapsis is hilarious! And I don't even watch the show!