Monday, February 2, 2009

On Jobs and Cars

First off, I would like to say a swift thank you to my cousin B for fixing my extremely obnoxious vehicle that broke down in October! I found it in my driveway last night at 1130, running! It only took a new engine, rotors, transmission, and other random things I am not even going to pretend to know what are to get it back into this condition. Although, I do love the truck, and I put 20 gallons of gas in that sucker last week so I will still be driving that for awhile! The upside, though, is that I filled my car's tank up the day before it broke down too so it's also sitting pretty with a full tank. It's pretty much a win/win.

What I've Been Driving:

What I Actually Own (except mine is Silver):

Hmm. I do love the truck so.

Along the lines of paying for things, like gas, let's talk about the jobby job situation. My job recently cut a ridiculously large amount of hours. Not employees, just hours. Which, I suppose, is good. But, I was hired to work a minimum of several more hours than I am currently getting. Unfortunately that can't be helped and I get it. I like my job (mostly) and I like the people I work with (mostly), but I can't live on 12 hours a week. We're trying to move, get some things for the apartment, plan a wedding, etc. etc. and I can't do it without a bigger income. So, I'm going to have to look for something else. I'm hoping to find something that will let me do both jobs on different days (especially since, with the hours I'm getting now, there is no point in working me three days a week...might as well just do one open-close and get it over with), but this is the absolute worst time of the year to look for a job. Especially with the economy is the way that it is. And if I can find one that I can't do both with but they will guarantee me hours's not favorable but it has to be done. =/

Anyone know where I can get a money tree? I'd love to plant a whole forest of them in my backyard. You know, around the winding pipes of the sewer system beneath my grass...otherwise I'd just spend it all on getting that repaired ;)


New Girl on Post said...

If you figure out where to get a money tree then be sure to tell me! I'd love to have one too. :)

Meshele said...

If you find one of those trees, ship me a few dozen, plz?

Good news, car! Bad news... let's pretend the economy isn't what it is right, now, sound good? So we'll go with Em's plan, and you lot fly out here and be my roommates with me and my lovely lack of snow! Or something like that.