Monday, February 9, 2009

Summer in February!

61 degrees was the high here for the day. This from the same place that had 8 inches of snow dumped on them last week on top of the 12 inches or snow and ice that was still lingering from the week before. There are still piles of snow that haven't melted in our lovely weather. I love warmth!

Things I had planned for the summer:

The getting of this:
(minus the handicap sign and plus my actual state)

The purchasement of this:

The visiting of this:

The planning for this:

The doing this with old friends:

...but instead we're moving. I'm missing all this stuff a lot this week, even though I technically haven't even missed any of it yet. I have no idea why this week is especially obnoxious. There is no special reason. Usually there is, this time there isn't.

I will rationalize the motorcycle by saying that probably wouldn't have happened anyway. Not after Tom and Stephanie were killed in September. I do realize that the likelihood of being killed on my motorcycle by a 200 year old tree being pulled out of the ground and dropped on me during a hurricane in Ohio is not very high, as it will probably never happen again, but it doesn't matter what the stats are--even the smallest stats affect someone, like they did us. It probably wouldn't have made a difference if it wasn't them, but it was. It didn't affect what I wanted when it was Larry and Denise, or when it was Chuck, but it did with them. Because they left Abby behind, and I couldn't do that for the sake of fun.

I think I need chocolate!

I'll be back to my usual blogging self here soon I hope! :) I miss it!

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