Thursday, December 10, 2009

Calendar suggestions??

I have two calendars. One is on the back of my door. It keeps track of my work schedule and occasionally birthdays. The other is my school planner and, when I feel like adding something to it, it keeps track of my school due dates.

However, I don't really use either with much functionality. My most accurate and most used organizational system? Post-it notes on my desk overhead.

They don't stick very well. But, that's not the biggest problem. The biggest issue is that they don't smack me in the face and remind me when I have something due. (Dear Post It: Please create face-smacking notes. Thanks, Via)

What I really need is a desktop calendar for my computer. One of those where you enter all kind of things (like appointments, schedules, assignments due, etc) and you can set a "reminder" for an hour before, the day before, the week before or whatever you want that will pop up on your computer automatically on that day at that time.

Does this exist?

Keep in mind that I'm not fancy and I'm still working on XP and Microsoft 2003. I think something like this exists on the Vista, but I don't know. And it's irrelevant since I'm "ancient" here.

I really, really need it.

I used to not need one. I used to be able to keep things in order with my memory. That skill apparently flew out the window sometime this summer because it's long gone now. Geez, losing my memory already!

I'd really appreciate some suggestions!


Mrs.Olson said...

Hello long lost twin of mine. I hope I can save the day. FYI I just finished the Julie Julia movie and am feeling kind of poetic. So, I am right there with ya. I have 2 calendars and still love my post-its. I even tried using color coordinating ones... then I one out of one color, revert to the next and bye bye color coded system. So, my advice is to use your Microsoft Outlook. Even if you dont use the mail inbox, the calendar is awesome. I am not sure what windows system my work computer is using but the outlook calendar is amazazing. Appointments, color coordinated and reminders out the ying yang.

So sound more like the comercial..."Outlook with awesome calendar, totaly my idea".

Hope it helps.

Lindsay said...

Vote #2 for Microsoft Outlook. It is a life-saver!

loquita said...

You must have a Google account since you have Blogger. Have you checked out their calendar? The advantage over Outlook is that you can access it from any computer that can get on the Internet. Outlook can only be accessed from the computer where the Microsoft software is installed.

Hope that helps. :)