Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life's a Beech!

First, there's this:

FACEinHOLE will be the death of me.
(Those of you not eagle-eyed, ehmm, that is not brangelina but is infact B and I)

And then there is retail at Christmas, in which my coworker and I were called "beeches" by a french guy today. Really doesn't strike fear with the accent. Really just makes me ache for some sand! And makes me laugh. Five hours later :)

And, a couple days ago, I bought some of those "earbuds" headphones that everyone loves now just to try them because I got a good price. I've never been more aware in my life that the hearing in my left ear is horrible. I hate them haha.

Also, on the calendar. I checked out Outlook and actually find it kind of awesome! But I checked out google, and that's awesome too. And if they could blend to make one perfect one, that would rock.

So far, I've found this about the two of them, which I'm only listing in hopes that you'll all tell me that there is a way to do this that I'm not finding:

-I can't put my tasks on my calendar and have to go to a separate spot to find those--which basically means I'm still using two calendars.
-One of you guys said something about color coding? And I'm wondering how that works, because so far the only thing I'm able to add to the calendar are "appointments" so I'm not sure what could be color coded. But I would like to know. Because I love colors!

-I can add a task to the calendar, but I can't add reminders to them.
-I can add events to the calendar, but everytime I try to click on it to edit the time on it, it never loads and therefore only holds an hour time slot when something (like work) is really 7-8 hours. But I LOVE the colors!
-How do you add the "events" on the bottom left side where it gives you a "suggested list" like "US holidays"? I see them. I want them. I can't get them on the stupid calendar!

Thanks for your help!

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