Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stories from the Phonotographer

Since my camera broke a few weeks ago (sad!) I have been taking just a couple photos with my cell phone. Which are horrible, by the way. But tell a good summary of things that have been happening lately...

The best game of Jenga ever played. At work. Yea...we work hard.

My sister's "crosseyed chinese cat." He fell off this table immediately after this picture. He's so awesomely random.

There is a bridge here. With iron walls and a ceiling. You can't see it because of the ridiculous fog. ...not that I took this while driving, or anything...

This crazy guy hangs out on my campus. He rants about completely random and conspiracy theory things. This time he was yelling about sports drinks causing alcoholism. He calls himself "Magician of 1" ....yea.

We bought some of those "growing capsules" at the dollar store the other day and tossed them in a bowl of water. Chase was fascinated.

This is why I never fill the truck's gas tank. I usually stop at $20. In the end I spend the same amount, but spending $50+ on ONE gas run makes me feel incredibly poor.

I also put up christmas and took a picture of it, but apparently that pictures doesn't wish to appear in my email. Sad!


New Girl on Post said...

I can't believe that fog! That's insane!

Meshele said...

Stop filling gas tanks, and mail me ma letters! (This is love, I swear! Just the special kind we have)

Also, I should start taking pictures of the fog in the morning. And then we can compare notes! Because I could barely see the buildings across the quad from me -- maybe 100 yards? EPIC.

Because taking pictures while driving is perfectly acceptable, but filling said tank to drive one such vehicle is not.