Monday, December 14, 2009

They DO!

Do you remember this post in which I described proper guest towel etiquette after our guests used the only towel not neatly in a nice clean pile?

Well, they visited again this weekend.

I got smart, though, and kept my own towel out of the bathroom. Ha. Beat that, suckers.

However, do you also remember me making a wise crack about them using my razor because it wasn't where I left it? Do you also remember that I was positive they had just knocked it off and put it back because of the shelf it was on?

They DO use my razor!

I put it up this time out of the way to where it was impossible to knock off, and both days I found it flipped the other direction on that spot. Does anyone else find this gross? Because I do. Ew.

One thing's for sure: I won't be using my scrubbie (known to the civilized world as a shower puff) anymore. Time for a new one.