Friday, December 4, 2009


I have considered, for many years, a stint in the PeaceCorps. And if B and I hadn't gotten together, I probably would have done it. After my experience in Africa, all I wanted to do is travel and do service work. I would do it for my job if I could (and B could go with me). I even had a dream this week that I was getting ready to "just run down to Kenya for a week" (my words in my dream, like I just did that all the time and it was no biggie).

Because, who doesn't love toting 2 month olds around like this:

But things are different now. I do have B, and he'll be in and out of the country all the time already, and I don't want to be away from him for two years. But this is something I really wanted to do before starting a family (which is a big part of why I'm not against waiting four years to do so). I'd really, really love to do something PeaceCorps-like for six months or a year. You know, if I ever graduate. The kicker is that it has to be something that pays me. Not to sound selfish, because it's not about me getting paid to do it, it's about me not being able to pay to do it. I used that account on Kenya (which I wouldn't change if given the chance, just saying that it's gone).

And I want to do it in another country. There are things here that I can volunteer for, and I do when possible, but it's not the same as going to another country. Going to another country lets you experience a completely different culture than your own while helping out, which is such a fabulous thing to do.

I'm kind of looking into doing a teaching stint abroad, but it's hard to get into that and find one that pays you--but not impossible.

But that's not really PeaceCorps-like. And I'm open to suggestions if anyone knows anything that is and is more like six months...? Hmm?

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GinSpaghetti said...

Try contacting the state dept in the country where you're looking to go... often they will have ideas. There are a lot of jobs you could have though. Only being there 6-12 months might be tough b/c most ppl are looking for permanent employees... but I think it's do-able. Also check with universities as they may be able to employ you to help w/ research AND pay your way there ;) Good luck!