Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Googlisms Part Deux

In honour of the fact that I have done nothing exciting enough to talk about lately tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I thought I'd visit a few googlisms. For those of you who are not hip to the slang I use as if it actually means what I think it means have here on the blog, these are phrases people have googled and ended up on my blog somehow.


is there wax in now and laters?
is there? because that would be good to know. that would be a very convenient truth.

Teyem Akrona
I'm thinking that doing a weird spelling of "tim akron" is probably not going to get you...well...anywhere except on this blog apparently.

casual suicide
there is none of that here. and I'm not sure how suicide can be "casual"...pretty sure it's the exact opposite of casual.

clown porn
i guess i was wrong. this is, apparently, a problem.

These last two need to be attacked together:

wedding dress with horses on it and wedding dress pictures flamingo just no. trust me on this one.

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Mrs.Olson said...

That is soo funny. How do I do that for my blog?