Friday, May 15, 2009

Devil Bird Departs With Babies

The thirteen day nest-life of a baby robin, photographic documentary.

They are now hanging out on our telephone wire most of the day. And the nest is abandoned, of course!


New Girl on Post said...

They are so ugly that they are CUTE! I love how you did this post.

Mrs. Air Force said...

They ARE so ugly that they are cute haha, love that comment!

And as far as I know, she, and my half sister who i've never met, are staying with us. The details still need to be hammered out.

jlc said...

I agree with New Girl here!!

Wow... that takes some time to get all those shots. Well done.

KDee said...

Beautiful photography work, Via!! I know it's nature, but I'm always saddened when baby birds take to the wing and the only thing left is the empty nest. I made a couple of bird houses that I placed on the eaves of my kitchen window for sparrows and I'm always saddened :( when in late spring, the babies fly the coop.