Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hakuna Matata

What I did last week:

(I know what you're thinking, and the answer in Yes. Yes the sink explosion did go through the wall and floor into the basement.)

What I did this weekend:

What the park did because of what we did our last two summers:

(Hey, sometimes you just need a little Slip-N-Slide action. And we'll just move it over five feet this year :])

And when we weren't floating on the lake tanning burning, we were staying for the first time in our brand new camper. Paradise! The whole weekend, just paradise! And yes, I really am burnt. And yes, the bra straps hurt a lot.

But let's, for a second, look at my puppy Chase--because, let's face it, he's just so darn cute.

And that is the dog seatbelt/harness from god. He doesn't need it for long, but he has like 15 minutes of excitement when we first get in the car that he requires a seatbelt for. After that I just unhook him and he goes to sleep. Chase is really a perfect travel dog.

Except after he eats 200 various bugs off the cement at the campground. Then he pukes, twice, in the car on the way home.

...I have to go buy a new pillow before my softball game tonight. I prefer not to sleep on puppy puke!

But, overall, FANTASTIC weekend. I forgot how much I love it! We only got to go once last summer with everything going on, and this summer...we are hitting it about every other week!! =D


indiana.girl said...

That picture of the lake is so enticing. I used to be able to walk down the road to the lake for a swim in the evening. Sigh.

jlc said...

Ouuuuu I like that one shot by the water!!

Looks and sounds like the perfect weekend lady! :)