Friday, May 8, 2009

True Confessions of a....Confessing Person

I find it disturbing that I don't find Britney Spears' new music that bad. In fact, I really quite like it.

I feel lame when I say "I really don't watch TV" when people ask me "did you see blahblahblah last night?!" because it's true. I am old.

With that in mind, I had a dream the other night with the Izzy scenario (Grey's Anatomy) within my own family with my sister and her planning mine and B's wedding and us having to move the wedding up so she could come. And have decided that I actually watch too much television.

It seriously bugs me when music videos don't make any sense with the lyrics. (See: Rascal Flatts, Here Comes Goodbye)

As much as I hate it and complain, I will probably stay at Devil University because I'm too lazy to deal with all the antics of switching least now that I have an advisor with a brain.

Co-workers who answer the "what's your name again? julie?" with "Jules, or Julia, or Mystic...whatever" scare me, especially when it's followed with "It's my nickname. I'm a gamer with world of warcraft and that's my screen name." would also be nice if she'd stop calling me baby. My dad said, "Your brother used to play that all the time" well, Dad, he was 15...not 50.

I try, but I cannot get into Desperate Housewives. It just seems like a bunch of rich snobs who can get away with anything and in all actuality it really kind of annoys and infuriates me.

The Twilight series is horrible. Sorry, I said it. I don't understand why millions of people are in love with it. I also, however, don't care if you like it as long as you like it with the knowledge that it's an absolutely horrid work of literature (just ask Stephen King).

Books on tape bore the crap out of me. Stop being lazy and just read the damn book.

Me and MTV are not meant to be. Unless it's "M.A.D.E.", music videos, or any of those stupid johnny knoxville/travis pastrana trytokillmyselfwhiledoingstupidstunts shows.

I gag at the thought of a salami and ketchup sandwich, but ketchup on just about everything else is perfectly normal for me.

This is the last week of class/finals week. I have a summer class that starts on Monday and only lasts 2 weeks. I'm considering taking another at the main university of our city, a side branch 15 minutes from my house, on M-W at 630 starting June 22nd. I would really like to graduate in two years. But I also really like my summer. And I can be selfish about that kind of stuff. It's sad, yet true.



New Girl on Post said...

I really liked these! I'm so with you on MTV. What happened to the days when they actually showed music videos. I do love MADE though. Yet I feel incredibly pathetic sometimes watching it as I'm in my mid-20s. It's fun though!

Southern Pathways said...

On me with you on Rascal Flatts new music video. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that!

jlc said...

I miss seeing ACTUAL music videos on MTV. :(

Shoshanah said...

You're not alone! I really like the new Britney album too!