Monday, May 18, 2009

Would You Like a Little Cheese with Your Whine?

This is that week where everything bugs me. Sorry males, you'll have to deal with this post for today. Most women have painful breasts, cramps, etc. Me? I only get ridiculously emotional. Puppies? Dead and alive...I cry. Sad commercials? Happy endings? I cry. We watched The Ron Clark Story today in my summer class, a movie I have seen close to ten times, and I cried when Tayshawn cried as if I didn't know what happened. I am that lame during this week. And apparently last week, because between getting the phonecall that my uncle died while in the parking lot of my work and my boss yelling at me for doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing I almost bawled, and I never ever do that.

And each month, it's like a come up with something else in mine and B's relationship to focus on that I really hate. Of course, I never rarely say anything to him about it, I just come here and complain, because you people will read anything I write (of course, I love you for it).

This month, it's the new vs. familiar argument. I don't like to just stay around our tiny little suburban town and do the same thing every night. I want to go experience new things. A new restaurant downtown, somewhere we've never been on the other side of town, a night in the city at the festival on the square, or even a little cheap county festival--something different. If B had his way, we'd eat at the same damn Steak and Shake every night. Every time I mention something like "lets go to the cabaret" or "let's go to soandso restaurant", both of which are about 20-25 minutes away, he says "I just want to stay around here tonight." I told him that was getting old the other day, and he says "I only said that once!" ...selective memory, apparently, because I've heard that phrase a million times. Plus, even the restaurants we usually go to are 10-15 minutes's not like they are walking distance.

Weekend trip to Gatlinburg? I'm game. Weekend trip to the coast? Count me in. Overnight trip to a campground/boating/rafting/canoeing? I'll drive. I HATE doing the same damn thing every damn night. I hate it. I mean, get this. My Air Force fiance, who wanted to go to jump school this summer where you jump out of an airplane seven times on your own won't go and tandem jump (where you are strapped to a professional) with me once an hour away from here.

I think his stubborness is really what's pissing me off this week. I was sick all weekend. He knew this. I didn't see him after Friday because I stayed in bed almost the entire day Saturday, and was still sick when I attempted to play softball last night. Nothing sounded good to eat most the weekend, and then Sunday I suddenly got a hankering for overeasy eggs. Bob Evans, of course, was the place. So I called him to see if he wanted to go eat at Bob Evans with me since I hadn't seen him since Friday and we wouldn't see each other again until Wednesday because of his classes. This is how the conversation went from there:

Me: "Eggs are really sounding good to me, want to go to Bob Evans before my game?"
Him: "That's what I had this afternoon, you want something else?"
It's at this point that I'm thinking um, no.
Me: "They have a dinner menu too, you don't have to eat breakfast?"
Him: "I don't know."
Me: "Don't know what? I really want eggs, it's the only thing that sounds good."
Him: "It's just that we go to bobs every sunday, I don't really want to go again."
How this next phrase comes across is basically: I've been really sick, you asshole, this is what I want. you can choose to suck it up and see me or sulk and don't.
Me: "You don't have to go, I can go with someone else."
Him: "Ok babe. I'll see you Wednesday."


Remember that phrase he told me, "I love you so much and I'm going to spend every day showing you just how much?"


If that's it, we're going to have a problem.

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Lindsay said...

*R* and I have been there and done that.

Finally I stopped BSing and saying "that's fine you don't have to" and started saying,

"look buddy. I really want this and even if you don't like it, please just do it because you love me and it will make me happy".

Men are simple creatures. Not stupid, just simple. If he's anything like *R*, which I think they are all fairly alike in this aspect, he wants to make you happy but he is going to try and do it with as little effort as possible until you tell him it isn't working. Blunt but nice. That's how I work it out now.

Good luck!