Friday, May 1, 2009

HOME of the Good Burger

90's Kenan and Kel. Oo I miss the 90's. And it's music. And weird shows. Nuff said.

Anyway, new things!

First, look over there ----->
Did you notice the counter passed 10,000 a few days ago? In three months? Sweet.

Second, if you look over there and scroll down a little bit you'll notice that I am twittering now. Well...sort of...every few days-ish. It's there, if you want to follow me.

Third, the devil bird's eggs hatched last night! I'm thinking I'm going to document them with daily photos. Something for when they are older that they can show their kids (..haha). Also, someone found my blog by googling "devil bird" and then clicked on the link to a post 9 times.'s not going to change if you keep clicking it. Just saying.

Also someone found me googling "jeans devil 2009." I think they've just provided me with a new nickname for my boss. Do you think that would get me fired??

Dining Out is tomorrow night

Getting "temporary tips" on my nails tomorrow morning. I just can't deal with real fake nails, they get in the way of diaper tabs.

I now work Sundays at the bookstore again.

I have not made a decision about the other job yet.

I just got over my 2.5 week cold three days ago. So I woke up with a sore throat this morning, and have been steadily loosing my voice all day.

Had a meeting with an advisor who actually knows what they are doing today. She made me feel much better. Even though I'm currently in two classes I did not need to take. Looking into more summer classes at yet a third Uni that would transfer ($485 per credit hour for Devil U. summer classes? Um, no thanks).

'Tis all for this boring update post.

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Meshele said...

90's TV ftw! <3 you, Yellow!