Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to Good Burger

I believe something is terribly wrong with the world when Wendy's is out of chocolate frosty's and Arby's is out of roast beef. What else do you get?

I was paid $200 more than I should have been this week, and I considered for four hours taking it as my personal stimulus check/gift of gratitude for the frayed pants comment, until my boss figured it out.

My new check was still more than it should have been and it's known to my boss, but I apparently get to keep it anyway.

I've officially decided that my boss is really either ridiculously scatterbrained or she just thinks we're all dumbasses. I think at this point I know how to work the paperclips.

After three weeks of "the financial aid package will be sent out by the end of the week" I finally got one from Angel University, and it is decent. Certainly on the docket ( that how you spell that word? let's just say so).

I was told by a prof. at Devil University that an advising appointment was not an excused absence from her class. I'm pretty sure my reply scared her, and basically ended in "frankly I care less about that than I do about the common house fly" but in words that were much less friendly.

I received two copies of the lit mag I had a poem and short story published in last week in the mail this week. The women who sent it to me asked me for my address yesterday, expressed mailed it, and $4.98 later I got it today. Seriously impressed.

Publication count: 4
Publication dollars: $300 and a copy of the Young Writers Literary Journal see the problem.

New job available--meeting with the boss tomorrow morning, no idea what I'm going to do.

8-10 page paper #1 done. #2 not started. Due Monday.

B just picked up a giant spider by the string and put it outside while I went for a shoe. Hero. But if it comes back inside, I will not be happy.

Porch Bird is apparently not afraid of people in the dark, just in the daytime. No babies yet.

I worked hard to have great nails for Dining Out this weekend. So I broke one at work today, and have to get fakies on Saturday morning. And getting the eyebrows done tomorrow (for all you non-italians, have pity). Is it wrong that I don't care at all about my hair?



High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Um...Love the common house fly statement...

New Girl on Post said...

How could Arbys be out of roast beef? That's just criminal!

Hannah Noel said...

Our mama bird has gotten pretty used to us coming and going, but as of last weekend she had three babies! (I'm hoping the 4th one hatched by now!).