Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Devil Birds, Frayed Jeans, Cute Dogs and Trips

A few things that continue to lack updates (though I am feeling much better, thanks for the well wishes!)...

A bird has decided to take up house on my front porch on top of our one and only wreath. No eggs yet, but you may remember the bird mentioned in this post that I killed on accident while playing fetch with Chase...well, this bird may become my first intended murder victim. This is not the same bird that continuously, suicidally, flings himself at my kitchen window in the wee hours of the morning, but I'm pretty sure it's one of the birds that used to torment my outdoor cat. But, the real issue is, that it scares the crap out of me every time I go in or out the front door. Observe nest:

Also, my boss decided to stick me as a fill-in for the 5-11 year olds for the past two days. I was told at least 10 times how pretty I looked (somehow it doesn't have the same appeal when the people telling you can barely tie their own shoes), had my hairs did by a 5 year old, was told by another 5 year old that she wished I was her mommy, and tried my hardest to settle an argument over a "band" created with two girls who were suddenly feuding 5 seconds later (you know what they say about pressure in rock bands!) without laughing...and failed. However, what really annoyed me was my boss came up and said something about the bottom of my jeans needing to be rolled up because they were frayed. Only one pant leg is, by the way, and it looks like this:

In my opinion, this does not constitute a problem. I see how it could be if they were dragging all over the place or falling apart or whatever...but not this. It's barely noticeable. I also know that there is nothing in focus in this picture except the corner of the steps. I just want to be back with my damn babies where no one has time to notice my damn jeans.

Also, let's just look at Chase, because he's so darn cute, even though I spent 30 minutes brushing him before this picture and he still is shedding hair off both sides of his butt:

We've decided to make an impulsive, spontaneous Gatlinburg trip overnight tomorrow to crash a Yacht Club party. Believe it or not, the biggest issue here was finding people to come take Chase out for me. More on this excitement Sunday or Monday upon my return :)


New Girl on Post said...

I see nothing wrong with your jeans! Why is your boss so anal!?

indiana.girl said...

Crazy birds!

Hannah Noel said...

We have a robin's next on a hanging-decoration right next to our door frame! I love it :D

Your puppy is so cute :)