Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Wonders

The Quickie. (p.s. how do you do the strike through on here?)


Off work for Shakespeare play, Comedy of Errors, downtown.
Hated it.
But love downtown.


Temperatures in upper 80's.
Baby B showed up around 11am, at least 4 hours earlier than expected.
Baby A visited.
Baby Cabbage stopped by for a few.
And E graced us with his presence as well.
Rode on E's "mini motor car".
Brother pushed me off.
We both fell.
My wrist claimed battle scars.
Of course we took pictures.


Temps in the lower 90's.
Loved it.
Went to park.
Was stalked by Baby A and her mommy.
Not actually intended to be funny.
Baby B had her first ice cream cone.
Went to first softball game.
Lost 11 to 0.
But got to witness a neck fight (where two people fight but only stare at each others necks, almost as good as a nothing fight).
Went with a food baby.
Decided I need to diet and exercise again.

Don't know what happene to my keybard but this is how it thinks i shoud be typin without fixing the errors i decides t make on it's ow.nodtglod Im not a fan.a

Tomorrow it's back to work and school. Boo.


Hannah Noel said...

Such cute kiddos!!!

To do a strike through you put < del> [words here] < /del>

(I put spaces so you could see the code!)

Bridge said...

Love the little girl with the bow...she is such a cutie!