Friday, April 10, 2009

Banana Pancakes

I've never actually had those before, but I hear they are good...even made it into a song. Has anyone else had them?

Anyway, onto the current end result of the Uni sitchiation (or as Kim Possible would say, "the sitch". Um, yes. I do find it incredibly sad that I know that.) Basically Thursday morning I spent an hour and a half on the phone with Devil University being bounced around from department to department and then sent to dead-end phonelines. I did finally get to leave messages for three different people. I got an email from the Spanish professor a couple hours after calling, which I was thankful for, but nothing is resolved there yet as I emailed him back and now he has yet to return it. I got another call back today from the Theatre professor, who left a very long very cheery message on my phone while I was at work, and that was basically a dead end. I'm not getting that class. The phone call/email that I am waiting for that I actually really NEED is the one from my Education department advisor (hey, did you know I had one of those? I didn't.) She's the one (I hope) that has to OK my education classes for registration. No word. I'll call again on Monday while I'm on campus, so she can't escape.

Although I'm much less upset with this now, it's not over and I still have about a 66% chance of not attending Devil U next semester. I'll update when necessary. But, for now, onto the good stuff. :)

I took jlc's advice and went shopping last night, and also pretended like she said "and go to a movie!" So I got a couple cheap tees for work (with no writing, mind you) and then went to the movies. Today work went by ridiculously quickly and I even went in early, and all the kids were picked up by 530 (never happens) and there were only 12 kids when I got there to begin with. B has been busy this week every night except Wednesday, when the whole Devil U debacle unraveled, and is again tonight so I have kind of a free night with the house to myself. Kohl's is having a huge sale with nightowl specials tonight, and I think I'm going to go up and see if I can bring myself to buy a replacement pair of slip-on dockers that I love with all my life. New shoes make me very happy :) I really should get some shoes for Dining Out, but I have a gift card at Kohl's, and I don't feel like spending that much for shoes. I need a Target gift card.

What are you guys doing for Easter? Both B's sisters' birthday's were this week, so we're going to dinner to celebrate tomorrow night and then to Saturday night Easter service at his church. Definitely going to be the first time in at least 5 years I've set foot in a Catholic church. Ahem. And Sunday night is dinner with my family, which B has decided he's not coming too because his grandma has dinner too (Hey, I'm doing Saturday, it's his turn to do my thing haha) so that'll be fine :)

I'm about to make myself a sammich for dinner, and have some fruit, and spend a few minutes with my pup. I've sneezed 92980 times today, though I'm hoping it doesn't develop further. Of the 21 kids in my room, at least 17 have colds, and one little girl (who is the sweetest thing) has gone home sick every day this week (even though I'm apparently the only one who noticed, since no one checked her temp before I got there at 1pm today and it was 100.8). Poor Katiebug :( Less than a week on the job and I've already caught something? I'd prefer not, thanks!

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