Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Promised Picture Post

Ha! English major does know how to use alliteration!

Anyway, moving on, I should probably tell you why we went to Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg, TN/Pigeon Forge/Great Smoky Mountains. You know it, right? I'm never really quite sure if people who are not from the mid-west have any idea what I'm talking about. So, do you? Still...moving on...(I swear I have a longer attention span than this. ....sometimes), my parents, 8-10 other couples depending on the moment, and all of their children and grandchildren make up the Redneck Yacht Club. Please let me clear up a few things on this:

We do not actually own "yachts".
We are not actually "rednecks". (well, not really, anyway)
We are not rich nor poor.
But the first generation members do own boats (ours is a nice little 18' Celebrity named "Lil' Shorty")
We were not the Redneck Yacht Club until Craig Morgan came out with the song and one of the guys thought it would be fun to make window stickers.
We camp every 2-3 weekends in the summer at a lake 5 hours from here.
By "camp" we mean we stay in RVs with air conditioning, like ours shown in this post.
And 3-4 of the other 8-10 couples are related to me, depending on who has decided to stay married to who at the time.
....yes, I know our family is nuts. We all live right next to each other, yet still willingly travel together in the summer. This should probably be addressed with years of therapy.

But the RYC goes on a 1st generation only trip to Gatlinburg every year. Kids aren't invited. Though, they do admit that it's only because there are a couple kids who they really don't want to invite and they couldn't just invite some of us.

So we invited ourselves. 6 hour drive each way. With everyone at home in our cant-keep-a-secret family knowing. And we still surprised the crap out of them. Here's some tidbits..

The shirts we made at 11pm the night before.

How we entertained ourselves on the way down. Not that we were on the highway...or anything..

The cabin we crashed at with the 1stGenRYC.

View from the cabin.

What we did at the cabin, and where I left my watch.

Some sights from our afternoon of shopping in Gatlinburg:

Damn, I can't believe I left my dolphin at home!

The ski lift.

Water ball.

The souvenir penny machine.

How appropriate to find the Lollipop Guild on the Lower Level.

How we do.

But, now I must go wrangle some kids off the bus and get ready for Eric's visitation. Hope you have enjoy your way-too-much-information post :)

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High Heels & Combat Boots said...

I haven't been to g-burg in a while. That is the redneck place to go!!!