Saturday, April 11, 2009

When You Know You're Getting Sick...

What do you do? Do you fight it with meds immediately, or wait it out? I've always been taught that fighting it with meds suppresses the bodies natural immune system (you know, if it had one) and actually makes the thing last longer so I only take it when it's necessary (like when I have bad colds I take DayQuil and/or NyQuil, an when my fever is over 103 I take Tylenol). But I've heard on some commercials for meds like ThermaCare that "take it at the first sign of a cold to get rid of it faster."

Where is the TRUTH!? It would be a very convenient truth.

And does the fact that I never spell out the word for medicine make me sound like a druggy?


New Girl on Post said...

I'm a huge fan of Nyquil!

So I was reading your comment about my sense of smell post and you sound exactly like me! I can't stand to go into Bath and Body works because of the strong scents and Hollister makes me ill!

Lindsay said...

I love Nyquil. I usually always assume that whatever I'm sick with is Allergies until it proves me otherwise.

And I'm not a fan of taking meds until I feel it is absolutely needed. But when I hit that point, I want every drug under the sun.

When I went to the doc's last week for my upper respitory infection I felt victorious when I left with 4 prescriptions. Yep...FOUR. Like "Woo Hoo! I win!!"

How sad is that?