Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bubble Girl

I've decided that the bubble boy may have had something going for him. Health :D

No, but really. I'm still sickly, but it's really more annoying than threatening. It's just an annoying cold/throat annoyance (I wish I could currently think of another word for 'annoy'), but since it's going on 6 days with it it's about enough to drive me nuts. I don't think I have a very high fever, now or throughout this entire week, but I couldn't be completely sure because I dislike knowing what my fever is--if I think it's low, than I feel better than if I know it's high haha.

Even though the color of my face is that of a slightly off-white wall (thank god for makeup), I haven't called off work or canceled plans or anything at all this week. I'm one of those people everyone hates because I go to work if I can stand it, even if I'm really sick, and then everyone else gets sick from it.

I should probably....apologize...for that...

But if I thought I had a high fever, because I now work with kids, I'd call off. But since I don't, and I got it from them, I say it's fair game. Literally, the last and only time I remember calling off work for being sick was last...August? And it was supposed to be my first day at the bookstore, but I was so sick that I couldn't really stand straight. I was supposed to go in and do paperwork on a Friday, and I moved it to a Saturday (which didn't really help, at all, because then my boss was like "let's take a tour of the store!" and I'm thinking please don't puke, please don't puke. I listened, but it was not in vain). I actually started two jobs that week, and I had an open-close shift as my first shift (9 hours) on the next day (Sunday) which I suffered through and managed, somehow. My mom then caught it, was the same amount of days into it that I was when I worked 9 hours, looked at me and said, "I have no idea how you worked 9 hours on Sunday feeling like this." That's a lot from Ms. Tough Mom.

But, anyway, that's why my posts this week have been void of actual content/updates. Hopefully this weekend!


d.a.r. said...

Yuck!! Feel better!!!

Hannah Noel said...

I hate being sick. I haven't been sick in a while *knock on wood*

Hope you feel better-- you probably need to rest for at least ONE day!

indiana.girl said...

God, I hate it when a cold lingers like that. Hope it clears up soon!

Meshele said...

Feel better, love!

(and srsly. call in sick. everyone else likes you more ;P)

Lindsay said...

I rarely call in sick to work too. I like my vacation days to be just for vacations!

Hope you get to feeling better!