Thursday, April 23, 2009

Air Force Jobs and Base Rankings

The good:

B got the job he wanted! Security Forces. We got a list of bases this week that will need a 2nd LT next year, and had to rank the top 6.

The bad:

None of them are less than 9 hours from here. Which kind of stinks, at least for our first station, because allll of our family (both of us) is here. And that's farr.

The Rank:

1. Robins (Georgia, 9.5hrs)
2. Andrews (Maryland, 9hrs)
3. Dover (Delaware, 10.5hrs...the main attraction is B "knows people" and they "like him already" here)
4. McGuire (New Jersey, 10hrs...which I combated with "I could know Mrs. Staff Sergeant here" choice)
5. Vandenberg (California, 35.5hrs...also known as "this base has 40 miles of coastline in it" add)
6. Barksdale (Louisiana, 13.5hrs)

So we'll see. We're really, realllly hoping for Robins. I have some family in Georgia, and a lot of my family visits often, and it's almost the same as Andrews and Dover, except warm. But, at least Andrews is right outside DC so, that would be interesting.

Do any of you AF Wifey's out there know anything about these bases? Or how likely we are to get our top choice?

B will do his training (which, according to google, looks like the picture below) mostly in Texas, anyway, and a couple weeks at Dover randomly...but that only lasts a few months and he'll be at his permanent station after that.

The Random:

-80% chance my mom will not have the reconstruction surgery on the 5th. Her platelets are half of the minimum of the "normal" range, meaning her blood won't clot. No good for surgery.

-I'm off work tomorrow, because I'm going to a Shakespeare play. And I have to shave, because it's going to be 80 degrees. I say it's a fair trade.

-I have woken up at 2 and 5 and not gone back to sleep for the past two nights because I can't breathe because my immune system is on holiday. I will resort to NyQuil for the first time for these past 14 days tonight, and I will love it. =]


High Heels & Combat Boots said... HAVE to shave. That's hilarious. I will have to take a bushhog to my legs before i see josh again. I go on hiatus when he is away...

d.a.r. said...

I have noooo idea about AF stations, but I gotta say...if you get something you don't like, just wait a couple years and you will be somewhere else. And chances are, you will end up liking it more than you though.

Just my two-cents :) Hope you guys get what you want!!

Hannah Noel said...

I'll be in your shoes in a few months! no, I don't know anything about those bases! But maybe we'll end up in the same place!

Mrs. Air Force said...

I LOVE that picture! I wonder where on earth they actually have a race like that!

We find out next year what career field Brian gets. Hopefully pilot and hopefully we go to Texas.

Anywhere but Alabama or North Dakota, I am not looking forward to sweating or freezing.

Bridge said...

We will only just be going to our first base but only for training in Texas, so not our real first long term base. But I have herd a good bit about is one of the nicer bases from what I can tell! Good look though! Yay for 2nd Lt's! haha! Just thought I would throw that in there since yours is one and mine will commission on May 8th as one! :)

jlc said...

Ohhhh I'd LOVE to have a base in NJ for the Army. You guys are so lucky! haha! And yes, you'd have TWO bloggie friends there then. :)

Milly said...

*secretely hopes for Maryland*

Then I could see you! =D

Jessica Lynn said...

I just saw this post from a post on your first page, but anyway...My fiance is at Robins right now and I'll be joining him out there in November and then in February. I don't know if I'm any help to you, but if you have questions I can try to find the answers!

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