Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was walking around my house today and walking through the yard with Chase, when I any given time you can find weird things here. So I grabbed my camera and did the same walk in five minutes and snapped a few of the weirdness.

We'll start inside. This is the railing in the hallway next to the stairs to our garage and basement. Notice anything odd?

If you are thinking to yourself "no" then you obviously missed this:

I don't know why there's a steak knife sitting in between the rails. I have no idea. It was just there. And right next to the door, where criminals who don't plan ahead could grab it on their way into my home. Good planning, I think.

Moving outside, we have this stump. This stump is from one of the trees we lost in the hurricane last year. Yes, we definitely still have the stumps 9 months later, but if you saw how many trees we lost you wouldn't be hurrying to get rid of them either. But, this stump seems to be growing it's own trees.

And if you didn't click on that and look at the bigger picture, then you are probably thinking "those are just weeds growing next to the stump". No no, they are growing out of the stump.

And last we go to my neighbors backyard. I just happened to glance over the fence and saw this:

Half a sheep. Or half a labrador. Interesting.

This has been Adventures in Via's Strange World, tune in next time when we explore a "no trespassing" property and I discuss the fines for trespassing. Tootles!

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