Friday, May 22, 2009

Jon & Kate

I'm really tired of hearing about this. So let's discuss it some more.

I feel really, really bad for Jon and Kate. They aren't Brangelina, they didn't ask for the publicity, and yet the stupid paparazzi think it's fun to invade their lives. Let's examine the current "stories".

First, I believe the claim was that Kate's brother said that she and Jon have a marriage contract that allows him to see other women. Obviously, the people who believe this have never seen the show, have any idea what Kate is like, and are blatantly unaware that she is not even slightly the kind of person who would ever, ever agree to this.

Second, we have the claim that Jon has been having an affair with some family friend (Hummel, I think her name was?). Um, let's think about this, dude has eight kids...when exactly would he have time to have a secret affair?

And Kate having an affair with the bodyguard? Again, I say, eight friggin' kids. If she can figure out how to do that, more power to her.

Yes, they do make money off their show. Yes, it has helped them make ends meet, get a house big enough for their family, eat organic, and be stay at home parents. This show follows them around their entire lives. Personally, I think a lot of compensation is entitled??

If it were me, which it's not, I'd pull out of the show at this point. I'm sure there a contract, I'm sure there's legalities, but it's interrupting their normal lives now--jon, kate, the kids...I'd have to quit. So the fact that they are currently still doing it is amazing to me and they are braver than I would be. If they split at all, it won't be because of affairs or because of photos or anything else, it will be because of allegations and stress that fame has put on their family. Yes, I do think they are complete opposites. No, I don't know how they do it. But it's not my place to know--I'm not them. Give them a friggin' break. Plus, do people who not love each other renew vowels? No, no they do not.

/sad rant for america's favorite family. Thank god ArmyWives and the Bachelorette are coming back...I'd have nothing else to focus on.


indiana.girl said...

Totally agree.

Jessica Lynn said...

Thanks for the heads up about the links, I need to fix that! Also thanks for checking out my blog (!!) and for the book recommendation. I only made it a few more chapters last night before I fell asleep, but I really enjoy her writing so far!