Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Pearl Vision,

(this is apparently letter writing week for me)

Dear Pearl Vision,

I came to your store today planning on getting a contact lens exam so that I could renew my contacts, and I only came because my insurance changed and no longer covers lenscrafters. I don't really care about the health of my eyes. I had an exam last year. I haven't been to the dentist since 2006, would you like to lecture me about that too? I asked for a simple lens exam. At the front desk I asked to not have the dilation. I have this thing called a job to go to after the appointment. In her robot voice that sounded like the fine print on any credit card agreement, she said I could flatly refuse any service and that was fine. Then your doctor picked it up and told me he wouldn't give me a prescription without the dilation. He then informed me that I am not to wear my night-and-day 30 day wear contacts for more than two weeks in a row. Um, hello...they are called 30 day night-and-day contacts. Plus, I wear them for more like 3 months in a row no matter what you say. The exam took an hour. I walked back and forth at least 5 times from one side of the building to the other to different rooms. It cost me $60 and an hour worth of pissedoffness and really bad breath in my face.

So thank you, Pearl Vision, you have solidified my hate for you. And after I come back in two weeks to do the stupid dilation and get my prescription you will never see me again. I'd rather pay the $80 for an exam with no insurance at Lenscrafters than the $10 with insurance at your place.

Stick that in your juice box and suck it.



New Girl on Post said...

I do NOT understand why you have to have a new prescription for contact lenses every year. It's so stupid! My vision hasn't even changed in forever.

Sorry you had a crap day because of them!

Jessi said...


that sucks! i hate getting my eyes dilated too.

i don't like the eye doctor!

Mrs. Air Force said...

Ha! Loved this post!

Brian was scared to death of contacts but had to use them until the Air Force gave him an ultimatum: Lasik or lose the chance to become a pilot.

We all know what he chose. That boy will go through the burning of his eye balls just so he can fly a jet.

I can't blame him though :D

Plus its HILARIOUS seeing his eyes all bugged out.

Hope you have better luck next time!