Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Website?

I need to start one. What are some popular/fantastic sites? Something other than blogspot, because...well I already have one of those. I want one geared towards weddings so I don't have to do all the work :) Which ones did you use or have you heard are good?

I've really started to get a kick on the planning. Once I start, I have a hard time stopping. We can't even set the permanent date until next summer, but I bet you I have everything planned out before then. I'll know where it's going to be, what cake we're ordering, what dj we're using, when songs we're having, the bridal party gifts bought...everything. It's just what I do. Especially since I quit my job and have very little time left to work out my notice. (The newest Jeans Devil development is that the teachers aren't aloud to play games with girls anymore, old with the boys. That's surely not sexist at all. I'm sure the girls parents will love that when they go home and say "the teachers aren't allowed to play with me because I'm a girl". Yea, that'll go over really well.)

I made the "crap I have to do" list this week, and started on it. Today I took my ring to be appraised for the insurance and have to go back next Wednesday to get it photographed and pick up my $35 appraisal, seeing as how it is currently out to the jeweler to be tightened and polished but should be back on Tuesday leaving me ample time to get to the other jeweler for the appraisal.

I've recently started checking out rates on reception halls and what we'll have to do at the church to be married by them. And cakes. And photographers. And a list of other things that are fun! I ordered the "will you be my bridesmaid/maidofhonor" cards a few days ago, and am thinking of making the song for our first dance "cotton-eyed joe". Yes, that's how we roll. Where did you come from? Where did you go?


Anonymous said...

We used the free site provided by The Knot - it was easy and FREE!

Hannah Noel said...


That's where I went, it's free, and it helps you find vendors!

GinSpaghetti said...

Hi! SO weird that I just happened upon your blog! Was scrolling through the blog directory for the first time on's site! I am also getting married but my Air Forceman :P separated from the AF in May so he's fulfilling his inactive term now. Try Weddingbee and theKnot, they both have great stuff. I'm somewhat addicted to weddingbee! :) And the photo thing, WAY COOL! So $$$$ though. We really wanted it but then I also saw the photo wall and so we're going to do that instead. Now to settle on colors... :) Great to "meet" you! Have fun planning everything!!!

Jessica Lynn said...

I just realized I don't have you on my blog roll, so that needs to change asap! I'm using and I LOVE it!!

Thanks for your suggestions on where to stay/what to do in the UK. I've stayed at some pretty fun "party" hostels in London in the past, but I don't really think I'm going to be in the partying mood this time around. I'm more concerned with keeping my stuff and myself safe!