Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses

I have them! All of them :) I took my grandmother and my sister back up to the bridal shop downtown and tried on my three dresses and we came out with a final decision! I am going with a MoriLee gown--ivory, sweetheart cut, A-line, beaded, and stunning!! Of course, I'd love to show you a picture, but I don't really think I should. Need to have something a surprise!

I also made a decision on the bridesmaids dresses! That's probably the most exciting (sad, I know, but it was a tough decision!). I have five girls total: three girls who are rather busty, two that have nothing, two with a butt, three without any butt, and one plus size. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy to find a dress to fit all of them well and look fantastic while doing it. But I think we've done just about as well as we can with this one...

The dresses themselves will be navy blue, and the ribbons will be different colors. The maid of honors (yes, two)ribbons will be a soft yellow (also known as "maize") and the three bridesmaids ribbons will be a light blue (also known as "dusty blue"...). That way they are distinguishable but not "Ohmygoshlookatmeandmyyellowdress"! The flower girls (yes, two) will not wear this dress, they will have something frilly and pretty. Do you like them?

But I must give this shop a free plug. There are only two shops in our bridal district that are open on Sunday's and they are right across the street from each other. Last Sunday I had a consultant named Korie, and she was fantastic. Anything and everything I wanted, she was great. She picked dresses for me better than I could have and was just amazing. So I scheduled an appointment with her for today to show my Gram and sister. Turns out she wasn't even scheduled to work today and she came in just for me. And stupid me, it's all the way downtown and I don't live anywhere near there so I'm 10 minutes late and probably freaking her out, but she was so helpful and didn't seem to mind at all that this was her day off! She even put my hair in an up-do to show me what the hairpieces would look like (and I tell you, that is no small feat!).

So this is a free plug for this fantastic shop. If you get the right people in the bridesmaid section, they are fantastic too. Last Sunday they were very helpful, this Sunday they were...okay, but not amazing. They have shoes there and jewelry and veils and do the alterations next door and if you want to know if something can be done on a particular dress they won't hesitate to call the label and ask. It's fantastic, and I recommend it highly!

So excited to be moving along here! :)

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Oh girl! I love those bridesmaid dresses. Can't wait to see your dress!!