Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photocenter at the Reception?

I original got this/these idea(s) from Jess over at Jesstagirl and her Officer, and although I thought she was slightly crazy at first I have fallen in love with the ideas! :) (That's right, I do steal your wedding ideas if you are getting married. Good thing we aren't related!)

I want to have some kind of fun-photo-taking place at the reception. She talked about a photobooth, and personally I think that would be awesome. The guests would get in the photobooth, take four photos, and two strips would print out of the same pictures--one for them and one for me. The strip for me would go into a scrapbook specifically designed for the photostrips and the guests would write their advice or wishes or whatever next to it. Which, as Jess mentioned, would take care of the favor thing and basically the wish tree at the same time--especially since it's unlimited photos.

The only problem? 4 hours of service + the scrapbook option + one idle hour for dinner + tax = approx. $1,000. That's several hundred dollars more than my dress.

The other option is something like this (also found on Jess's blog)...

I did a little digging and found out that it would be simple to make. So simple, in fact, that if I had too I could personally make this (assuming I can operate a hammar, nails, and a handsaw and have very forgiving guests when it falls over on them)and decorate this with zero problems, and could even make it personalized with photos of my own families & B's families weddings. It would probably cost more like $300, which would include paying someone to take the pictures of this separate from my main photographer.

However, there are no instant prints. I thought about polaroid but it's so expensive anymore because it's discontinued (10 photos=$20) and plus those fade after awhile. I thought about a digicam printer hooked up right there, but those cost so much for the ink and the ink doesn't stay on the paper very well and I don't want the pictures to scratch. So I would have the pictures, but it wouldn't satisfy the favor issue or the wishes issue. So we'd have to do this, do something else for favors, and then do a wish tree. Cheaper....but better? Hmm.

Any thoughts?


Lindsay said...

I love the idea, but keep in mind, people you don't need a favor!

No one comes to your wedding thinking, "gee I wonder what I'm going to get out of this". They want to see you two crazy kids get married!

Do whatever makes you guys happy!

Jessica Lynn said...

thanks for the shoutout - steal away! I'm still in love with the idea of an actual photobooth, but I think we're gonna stick with making our own. Then we can print out the pictures and send them with thank you notes - or it'll be a great way to get our guests on our picture site to see all the pictures!