Sunday, July 19, 2009

Surgery, Horses, Giant Holes, Flamingo Nuns and Wedding Gowns

This weekend has been by far one of the most productive ones and full ones of the last year.

My mom had a hysterectomy at 730am. It went really well, and we were home by noon.
I fell asleep sitting up doing an Italian lesson on Rosetta Stone at 3pm.

My mom is feeling sore but my dad is home, so I go on adventures.
Jayna and I head out to a state park about 3 hours from here and ride horses for 2 hours.

Our asses kill when we get off, but we are so close to a cave that we have to go.
We get to the cave and find out it's not really a cave, it's really just a huge hole.

We also discover that I've been there before, as I recall photos from a girlscout outing when I was 8.
But, they have this awesome bridge that is perfect for stupid photos.

Plus I got a fantastic new bag.
We got into the nearest town and attempt to eat at a coffee joint that has pictures of flamingos wearing nuncaps in it.
Instead we eat at a pub with a huge sandpit in the middle of it and head home.

My mom is feeling 100x better and decides we are going wedding dress shopping.
My best friend and cousin join.
There are a total of two shops open in our bridal district (does every city have a bridal district or are we just psycho here?) and the first one is huge.
The first dress I try on is damn near perfect.
The second dress is damn near perfect.
The fourth dress is damn near perfect. More perfect than the second.
It's now a toss up between the fourth and the first, with the fourth winning on a 70/30 split.
We went acrossed the street to the other open bridal shop and found $138 bridesmaid dresses within 10 minutes of being there. Chose the colors, and left.
Came home and shopped the dresses online that I chose, and found out that the fourth dress has a sister almost exactly like it except the top cut is different and matches the top cut of the bridesmaid dresses.
Calling tomorrow to see if this place carries that style so I could see it on.
Decide to do this all over again next Sunday with my Grandmother and sister so they don't hate me forever.

I'm currently fighting the urge to post pictures of all of these dresses. Really, really hard apparently. I will say that the two that I am fighting between are a Mori Lee gown and a Watters gown. With a whole $100 in price difference and both being very reasonably priced it's not easy. One is pretty traditional and sliming with a long train, and one is more modern and busy with a short train. They both have beading that is gorgeous.

But, I think being in the bridal district for 3 hours and coming out with a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses is amazingly awesome. I'm so proud! ;o)


Summer said...

Oh my gosh, the riding horses part sounds awesome!!! I think I need to do butt needs the toning! =)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Oooo. I love Watters stuff. Beauitful gowns! Hope you find the new one too!