Sunday, July 12, 2009

There are Places on Base to Dock a Boat!

This last weekend was B's first boating adventure. I should probably start by saying that B is not an avid camper/boater in the least. His parents took them in a tent once when they were really little and decided never to do it again. Other than field training, that was all of B's camping experience. He's never seen how we camp--in our nice A/Ced trailer and portable grills and speedboats. Needless to say, B is not upset with the fact that we camp in this manner. This is B on day one:

"There are places on base to dock boats. ....if we had one."

The man was in heaven driving that thing! I really have a strong dislike for driving the boat, however. I really enjoy wheels sitting on non-moving pavement. But now that I've turned B into a boating-lover, I guess I don't have to worry about that :)

He also had his first tubing adventure and had a seriously amazing wipeout that you can be sure was photographed, but it wasn't by me so that picture will have to wait until later this week. But, in the absence of a diving board, deck or cliff this time, we made due with the six person tube...

And B made friends with all the ladies...

(seen there with Cabbage)

Oh, and the sandal debate? We went caving when we got there on Friday through basically a cave with a creek running through it and a ceiling so low that you have to walk like a duck to get through it. And since he only brought one pair of shoes, he put the sandals on when we got back from the cave and then proceeded to keep them on until we left for home today.

Literally, he changed back into his sneakers while we were sitting in the car getting ready to take off. I say that's 1 Point for Via :)

How were your all's weekends?

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