Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I love the fun ways in which people find my blog. Really. There are some amazing searches!

Picture of a cute female devil
(sure, you can find those here. there is one on my header, even. you can also find the inquiry for "photos of people feeling like they are on cloud nine" here)

girlfriends for 10 year olds
(...are not a good idea)

my charming kids real names
(trust me, you will not find them on this blog)

jeans devil 2009
(yes, I do discuss my boss quite often on here)

jeans for dogs
(come on now, that's just mean. at least make it sweatpants)

seven frayed jeans
(no really, I only have two pair of them)

jobs for 10 year old boys in weddings
(I'd actually really like to know the answer to this one. and also to the "what to do when you know you're getting sick" one and to the "careers for english majors in the air force" one...because I'm really just curious on that one)

good burger jobs
(the answer you are looking for is "go back to college")

monster monterey bay boat murder
(...I was home all by myself that night, I swear)

importance of making pants
(I find it important for other people to make them, and more important for them to be given to me.)

Laura Helvey
(...who IS that?)

I am going out of town tomorrow, but I'm going to write a few scheduled posts tonight I believe to post while I'm gone because things are crazy fun right now!



d.a.r. said...

Haha I love it! My fave is the importance of making pants one. Too strange!

laura helvey said...

I am Laura Helvey LOL That is quite funny because a friend of mine recently said she was doing an adwords campaign and my name popped up there too as a popular search term. lol too funny.