Saturday, January 17, 2009

Conversations to Live By

Why I love my family:

Me: "I'm taking B up to my father's tomorrow."
Gram: "*insert long pause here* you not like him anymore?"

While at Target, in the training potty row looking for one for Baby B...
Me: "Oo look! A Dora one! She loves Dora."
Mom: "Does it sing when you pee in it? This one sings when you pee in it." *pushes button*
...We did, in fact, get the singing one. It's a princess potty. We are definitely grown women, can't you tell?

With Gran, Sister, Mom:
Gran to Sister: "I wish you wouldn't buy shirts like that. All your clothes are too big for you."
Sister: "Even this one?"
Gran: "Yes. It's hangs too much."
*Mom walks in from outside*
Mom to Sister: "I like that shirt babe, it looks good on you."

Voicemail of the week:

My oldest nephew: "Maymay, this is KyKy. I just wanted to tell you that we beat all the levels on easy on giitar hrro and now we can play all of 'em. Okay. I love you. BYEEE. looooove you. love you lots. really, i love you. okay. love you."


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