Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Favorites!

This might be kind of different this week, but it will probably be better than last week because I had a moment of 'smart' and decided to jot some things down over the week! There is also a little extra 'aw' and 'ha' factor on the end, just for some smiles.

Oh! And because I am such an attention whore, apparently, I need more comments to be happy. So, I changed my comments to be "anyone can comment" after I realized people were making accounts just to comment on here...aka, after I realized it wasn't set up like that in the first place. So, now the whole world can leave me messages! Aren't you excited? Yea, I thought so.

Friday Favorites!

First and foremost, I learned this week that if you blog about giant extinct reptiles killing people, you're blog will be googled. 700 times. In 12 hours. (I'm not going to lie, it's because of this that I now know I'm an attention whore. "Only 100 hits today? Psst.")

There are some people whose advice on books you should never follow.

There is a difference between what Hoxworth says and what Hoxworth means. Observe:
Say: "You cannot donate blood if you have gotten a tattoo in the last 12 months."
Mean: "We will still take your blood, but we will bitch about it because now we have to run all these extra tests.
Say: "You cannot donate blood if you have received third world medical care."
Mean: "Not only will we not be taking your blood, but instead of calling you every 4 weeks like we have for the last five years, we will be nearly hanging up on you because we're afraid that you have an undiscovered third world disease that can be transmitted through the telephone wire. We will not be calling again."

I hate hospitals. I think my sister is an alien. (Believe me, they are related.)

As much as I believe I can figure anything out, it is not a good idea to break out tools I don't know the names of and attempt to take apart a lamp in an attempt to rewire it and finagle it to my headboard. The clicky thingy and the electrical box thingy do actually have to stay attached for it to work, apparently. (Technical terms, of course.)

I should not browse bookstorse online at 1am, I end up regretting the amount I spend. But, it's so hard to pass up an awesome B&N sale because they never happen. (I do actually sleep on occasion, I promise.)

If you cut your lip along the top or bottom edge, people will look at you funny.

Take 10 hours and a combination of orange juice+tea+water+water+tea+tea+water and you end up with bi-hourly sleep breaks to pee.

To add to evidence that people should retake their drivers test at a certain age (like...65 or so), I watched a woman park in the row in front of my work yesterday. As she backed up with what I think she believed was 'precision,' she turned off the car and got out. Not only had she not ended up in one spot, but she had also managed to park in four spots. Amazing.

I think I'm going to attempt a new recipe: Rosewater Panna Cotta. It looks and sounds delicious, but how it turns out is a completely different story. This is buttermilk panna cotta, but you get the idea:

One person I will not be taking recipe advice from after viewing this video, however, is Paula Deen:

Kudos to E. Slaten for showing me this disgustingness.


The "aw" factor.

Just to add to all the other reasons that I'm sure I have the most amazing man in the world, here's a few more.

He sends me messages at night that say things like "Goodnight baby. I can't wait until I can say it in person every night. Love you." and "I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and I love you. Goodnight baby." and wakes me up with one of these: "Good morning beautiful." and hits me with one of these in the middle of the day: "Hey, I love you."

And if all that weren't enough, we were standing around in the camper today and I had 11 month old Arabella. I turned to B and said "Do you want her?" and he said "Sure!" in no form of sarcastic tone at all, and took her right from me. Yea, that's right. My man likes babies. Proof:

And as we were walking away, leaving kids aged 11 months, 4 years, 6 years and 13 years old after watching them for awhile, he goes "I love kids" in the most serious tone ever.

=] I don't think I could be luckier!


The "ha" factor.

These conversations are real, and have not been altered in anyway. Well, maybe a little altered to how I remember them...and for dramatic affect. But, not much.

At Dinner, 8 year old Ethan is saying the prayer:
E: Thank you Jesus for giving us food. And for being good. And for taking away...taking away...*pause* What is it?"
S: "Sins"
E: "Oh yea! Sins. And for the food we're eating. Amen." Lol.

Ethan and Granny's morning story:
Ethan: "Once there was a little boy. His name was Ethan. And there was a Granny whose name was Granny. And Ethan sometimes spent the night at Granny's but not very often. But, she has no idea how much time he's going to be spending at Granny's now because he hates getting up at six in the morning to come over here."

HA! Yea, that's my life right there ;)

I should probably also say that I wrote this post in several 5 minute increments today as that was pretty much all the time I had (I couldn't bare a Friday Favorites! post on Saturday. Tsk tsk!) so I apologize for typos and/or repeats!


indiana.girl said...

That's hilarious, but what made me laugh the most was drinking too much. Too cute. Why on earth did you drink all that?

('course, I say this mostly because I drink an entire pot of green tea in the late afternoon, which has much the same result. And why? Because I get bored, that's why.)

Meshele said...

Yes, love. You're a total attention whore. But so am I, so we're good.

Clicky thing <3

E. M. Slate said...

Your boy is absolutely adorable. <3

Then again, so are you, so it works.