Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Favorites!

I've decided to start doing a post on Fridays of the week's most amazing/funny/stupid moments and things I've learned, because everyone can relate to the TGIF theory (and, maybe even the 90's shows).

But, you know me, and that probably means I'll make this post now and do it again in three months and mention it as if I've been doing it all along :) So, we'll see!

Friday Favorites

-Walking by a sale of hats, gloves, and t-shirt at my University and seeing a nice grey t-shirt with the words "UNFUCK THE WORLD" on it. Yea, I'm pretty proud to be a member of this Uni haha.

-Spreading my happiness around to people who probably don't care, and not caring at all that they don't care ;)

-Hitting arctic temperatures this morning with a windchill of -19. I have no idea how MckMama does it, I couldn't stand this for very long!

-I had a customer the other day who was incredibly loud, stinky, and hard to understand. And every time he would finish a sentence he would blow out, and let me tell you folks: he was not a teeth brusher (did he have any, anyway?). But it was an endless source of laughter for a good hour after that.

-Coming to terms with the fact that my manager is pretty much always going to be a bag of douche, and will always have his tag sticking out of the back of his shirt. But, hey, I'll always laugh about it...and I'll probably eventually get fired for saying something to him that I shouldn't. Thus is life! ;)

-Spending some time with Ethan, who is only too old to tell me he loves me when anyone else is listening. Can't believe my baby will be 8 at the end of the month!

....this seemed more exciting before I started writing it, and then I suddenly forgot all of the awesomeness of this week. Hmm.

But, of course, we can't forget the pre-engagement! :D Best thing ever. I'm pretty sure I've never been this happy in my entire life, and I don't know that I could be any happier!

Onto another note. Casey asked a few weeks ago if any had significant others who read their blogs. My answer to that is: no. As you all know, my entire purpose in creating this blog was to figure all this military stuff out by reading all your blogs (yes, I am using you). B knows about this, but he does not read it nor does he have the address for it. In fact, we refer to it as my "secret blog"...though, 'secret' isn't exactly accurate if we talk about it anyway, ha! Actually, no one that I actually know has the address for this blog save one person around here and a couple who don't live around here, and that's simply because of two facts: 1. I talk about B in all kinds of ways and ask you lovely people for advice, and I prefer for him to think that my actions are solely made up by my own mind (because, why wouldn't they be? pssht) and 2. because due to the fact that B and I have known each other for 8 years, went to school together, and hung out in the same group of people all the time (it helps when you only have 33 people in your graduating class), most of our friends are mutual friends between the two of us. Thus, I write something about him, they read it, they tell B, and I'm in trouble. See? Yes, it's a tangled web of amazingness. So no, B doesn't read it!

But, your blogs are actually becoming increasingly helpful to us (even B has said so, since I relay some messages to him on occasion) in a lot of things. Specifically Melissa's as she ventures into base-housing-land and Lindsay's as she plans her wedding (I am actually stealing ideas. I'll put you in the bibliography ;]).

So, thank you all for continuing to tell complete strangers all about your life, I'd be lost without it!


jlc said...

I so miss those TGI Friday shows. Haha. Step by step, family matters, ahhh you took me back. ;)

Meshele said...

90s TV wins, dude. You know that!

Lindsay said...

yay!!! I'll be expecting to be referenced in your ceremony program.