Monday, January 26, 2009

Headers, Rings, and Other Musings

First off, some of you may notice that I have a new blog layout and header!

"But Via, haven't you mentioned before how bad you are at technology?"

Why, yes! I have, thank you for asking! My new adorable header and layout were done for me by a Miss Casey over at The Ever-Changing Life of the Military Wife! It is certainly a lovely product of Blue Star Blogs, and I can't thank her enough as I am, in fact, technology retarded. Stop over and check her out!


The Ring Decision

I settled on the smaller version of Mr. Diamond, Mr. Smaller Diamond V2.0 (not the same as the Mr. Smaller Diamond pictured in the previous post). You'll have to excuse my incredibly crappy photograph quality, and the pen circle around the ring. I got a little excited.

With the band...

I do love Mr. Diamond so, but it actually looked really bad with the band because they are both "stand alone" rings. But, Mr. Smaller Diamond did quite well with the band. Plus I think this one is more my 'size' anyway, since I'm not really into huge rings.

Let it be said, though, that B flipped through all my pictures of the different rings and picked Mr. Diamond Sr., PhD, who was not even pictured on the last post because Mr. Diamond Sr., PhD lives 2,000 miles past Prosperity (Although, he typically lives 5,000 miles past it, so relatively speaking he was a lot closer than he normally would have been).

What do you think?


I think we have decided where we are moving to this summer, as well. There is an apartment complex a couple miles from here that isn't too pricey, and we can get a two bedroom for the same price as most uppity places are for a one bedroom ("uppity" n. from the latin for "luxurious"; meaning places with washer and dryer already in unit).

It's not a huge square footage, although the picture appears like it is. My sister actually lives over there as well, so I have a first hand look into it (believe it or not it was B who picked this place, not me!). It will work out pretty well though as it's only a few miles from where I hope to have a full-time teaching position for the summer (resume sent yesterday!), and the extra bedroom will come in handy while my niece and nephew stay with us for a bit. (Things that make me a geek: planning for summer in January).


I thoroughly enjoy personally knowing the people who are being talked about on morning radio shows. It allows me to call and weigh in to feed my attention meter without being questioned.

Speaking of which, to all my new followers: Welcome! And thank you for contributing to my newly found need for said attention!

Also, on a side note, welcome to my mom as well, as she stalked my blog out yesterday. Hi, Mom! *waves*


d.a.r. said...

Gorgeous! I love the combo of the band and ring!

Casey said...

Good choice on the ring. It looks nice with the band!

Good choice on the blog layout too :)