Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ghim Wym

I think I've officially decided I'm going to be ... productive in the "in shape" department. I did really well for the better part of last year, to be honest. I had knee surgery, and as soon as that was over I had a few months of pt, and then jumped directly back into soccer and was still working out on the side, thanks to my roommate who wouldn't go by herself and dragged me with her. I realize now, though, that that was mainly because of her and the fact that the place we went was about a twenty foot walk from where we lived...because I haven't been anywhere, really, since I moved out of there. And I'm no longer in soccer (I may fix that, as well). I did pick up biking/cycling/whateverelseyoucallit, but it's -2 degrees outside right now and that makes it difficult to bike in.

I stopped doing any exercise at all this past month really, save a measly six mile ride on the one day it was 60 degrees outside, because I have had zero appetite. I'm pretty much the complete opposite of a stress-eater...a stress-non-eater? Yes. And with the "awesomeness" of this past month, I've not been hungry at all. I've literally lost 10 pounds and not even once thought 'i'm hungry'. I basically had a cup of fruit for lunch and a cup of yogurt for dinner and a whole bunch of water in between. But, that doesn't leave a lot of room for stamina and I would only get like 5 minutes into a workout before I'd get lightheaded so I just stopped. But, I'm hungry now haha. So, back to the sweating!

I may actually join a gym for the first time ever. I've looked at a couple in this area, and there are some pretty decent choices. The contenders:

VLF: I have an appointment tomorrow to check out a gym a bit south of here, an all woman's gym, that costs around $16 a month. They have classes and a lap pool and sauna and all the fun stuff, but from my understanding of what other people have told me is that it's nearly impossible to get them to stop auto-renewing your membership after a year. It's on a very busy/traffic-filled road down the highway that I'm never on for any reason, and their hours of operation are not even slightly lenient. But, it's the cheapest, and there's a pool.

CRVS: This is also a womens only gym, and it's a lot closer to my house. But, it's more of a 30-minute-workout thing and I'm not really sure if that's what I want or not. And there's no pool :( The major pro for this is the fact that it's so close to my house, maybe a 10 minute drive at most, because it's also more than double VLF. However, it is a chain and it does have standards to uphold, unlike VLF.

MAC: This one is also very close to my house. This is probably more my style, because it isn't like...a "program." It's basically the same as CRVS other than the non-program schpiel. It's also a good $10 more expensive than CRVS.

BDYWKS 24/7: The name of this one says it all: 24/7 Fitness. This is, honestly, probably the best thing for me because I do a lot of weird things late at night and early in the morning, like workout, before most gyms are even open. The fee for this one is somewhere between $30-$35 a month. It's right next door to CRVS, so it's close as well. However, everytime I drive by this place all I see are guys. I never thought that bothered me before, but for whatever reason it is bothersome now haha.

Anyone have one gym that's a chain that they love and would like to share?

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