Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laughter Lives! Tuesday

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Laughter Lives!

A few years ago, when my nephew was maybe four years old, we got him a goldfish. In his infinite wisdom, he named it "Fish" and it became a member of the family for the remainder of it's life. One day, we noticed that the tank was sans-Fish. We looked all around it in case it had made a suicide leap on it's own, but it was a no go and my nephew had no idea where it was...or so he said. Fish was simply just...gone. We emptied the tank and that was that.

A few days later a really odd smell had started to brew in my nephew's room. On the first investigation we found nothing odd. No food or drinks laying around spoiling, no super-dirty-clothes (better known as SDC's of Doom when there's a little boy in the house) so we waited until the next day. The smell was still there. My brother decided he'd go through everyone of my nephews drawers and closets, because we all know how famous kids are for sneaking snacks in and hiding them, and then forgetting about them. Well, turns out it wasn't a snack he was hiding as my brother pulled poor little Fish from the inside of one of my nephews socks.

His explanation? "He was cold!"


Melanieshea said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That is too funny!!! :)

Jessi said...

Found you through Where Laughter Lives. Your story is so funny! Thanks for shariing.

The Burk Family said...

That is SO BOY!! My brother wasn't allowed to eat in his bedroom (for obvious reasons) so he would sneak food in. Rather than risk being caught, he would just shove leftovers into his dresser drawers. (FYI: Not a good place to hide something from the woman who does your laundry!) My mom was constantly finding cold pizza and snacks. That in itself was not pleasant to watch. Can't imagine what she would have done if she pulled out a dead fish! TOO Funny! Must be a Boy thing.