Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And Today Was a Day Just Like Any Other

Yesterday, however, was like a day from the devil and I'm currently pretending like it never happened. Which is working out fantastically for me :) And this post says absolutely nothing of importance, except the link, and is only for me to blog about today and ignore yesterday!

Firsly, however, please hop over to MckMama's blog and keep her and her family in your thoughts. Her youngest child, Stellan (aka MckMiracle) was placed in the PICU yesterday and having life-threatening heart problems.

Today was actually quite nice. I had actual plans, and didn't actually do them (which happens about 80% of the time) because I got a call this morning that Lily, my four year old cousin, got sick at school. Also that my Grandmother needed to run errands, which is rather difficult to do without a car. Translation: leave Lily with her and go run her errands (she also called me yesterday because someone had left Baby K, the 6 month old with serious separation issues, with her and she wouldn't stop screaming).

This actually turned out to be kind of nice, because I needed to go get gas and since it just went up today to $2.09 a gallon, I needed to go the direction my Gram needed me to go because that's where the Kroger Gas Station is, where I have a $.10 per gallon discount (thanks to the Kroger card I have, the ownership I do not know...I found it on the ground one day and they never use their point so I figure it's free game ;]). Then I stopped at the post office, and ran over to the IKEA (it's about 45 minutes from my house) and got some hotdogs for lunch. Have you ever had IKEA hotdogs? They are the best hotdogs I've ever had. And it's $2.50 for two hotdogs, a soda and a bag of chips. And yes, I would drive all the way over there for the IKEA hotdogs.

But while I was over there, I thought I'd stop by my old work since it was only about 15 minutes farther. On the way I was the recipient of a seriously excited wave from a guy in a truck who obviously thought he knew me, so I waved back because the look on his face said he was so excited to see whoever he thought I was that he could have possibly peed his pants. But it was very nice to see my old coworkers (Er...Alison), because they are fantastic, and I kind of miss being there. Kind of.

On the way back home I found this adorable new little tea place with a catchy name and stopped for some Chai. Met the owner, and he's a ridiculously nice guy, and found out it's not a chain and has no plans on becoming one. It has a bakery and such inside as well as all kinds of coffee and tea. I approve. I shall be returning.

And I also found this house. It's a gorgeous, Victorian style, amazing house. It's for sale. It's location is absolutely horrendous, however, which explains why they are having problems selling it. It's right next to the highway and surrounded by multiple truck factories with dirt roads and 9823982392893 cars pass every 2 minutes, I'm sure. But, it doesn't change the fact that it's gorgeous. You'll have to excuse the horrible picture as I took it with my cell phone....while I was driving. ...don't act like you've never done it.

EDIT: I just found the house on the realtor website. So this picture is better. Also, they could be having a hard time selling it because it's listed for $750,000. Excuse me while I laugh histerically. It was built in 1904.

The inside foyer and staircase:

Then I ran home to poor sick Lily, and although I try my best to stay away from sick kids, I usually fail. Lily is four years old and sick, and all she wants to do is be held. So, that's what she got. Aka I would not be surprised if I ended up with her awesome illness.

(we entertain ourselves with cellphone cameras)

I just left her with her aunt maybe fifteen minutes ago, because I have to work in 45 minutes. However, I'm blogging instead of getting ready for it. I did actually shower today, but I just threw my hair up into a messy bun without drying it and pulled on a tank top and jeans. The only time I ever go to work with my hair looking like this is when I'm sick. So I guess it counts because Lily is sick?? Yes, I say that's a decent logic! I've also accomplished exactly 0% of the schoolwork due tomorrow. And I'm positive B is pissed at me, because it was plans with him that got canceled. Although I feel like he should be used to this by now, I can't even begin to tell you how many of our plans get overruled by children and/or family things. But, that's life! And this was a boring post!

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Hannah Noel said...

So sad about Stellan :( :(

That house is absolutely gorgeous!