Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stealing Cinderella

A few things, because I haven't updated since Wednesday (I know, crazy!), that went down this weekend:

B had this list of things he wanted to do before we got engaged. This involved getting the okay from his parents, getting the okay from my parents, buying a new car, and switching the insurance over for it. A couple weeks ago he got the green light from his parents, Saturday he bought a new car (black Mazda 3, 2009) which came with the insurance switchover (I will post pictures of this when he picks it up this week, he's having a spoiler put on. It doesn't have power windows, but how dare it not have a spoiler), and Saturday night while I was trying to get my niece and nephew back with their parents B came over and asked my mom for permission to marry me. And yes, to you people who have normal families, you are looking at this and thinking "Um, he asked her mom?" But, if you've ever seen the show Gilmore Girls, my life is pretty much an exact mirror of Rory's (and my mom's Lorelei's), minus the rich grandparents, so my mom was certainly the right person to ask. This means the list is done! And I know he's got something up his sleeve, I just don't know what it is, and I'm excited :)

As you kind of noticed in passing above, my sister surprised us this weekend by visiting. And by surprised, I mean we were on the phone Friday night and we were having this serious conversation about the breast cancer gene testing and to do it or not and the insurance and the preventatives and yadayada, and she all of a sudden busts out with
Sister (v.1977): "Where are you?"
Me: "On the way to dinner, you?"
Sister: "Oh we're on the way there."
So they showed up around midnight Friday night, as they don't live in this state...SURPRISE!

^ My first niece. In Kmart the guy said: "Is that your baby? She looks just like you." ...somehow the blonde hair and blue eyes vs. my brown hair and hazel eyes says differently to me?

It got really warm this week, and it was sunny and brilliant out. So when I got home I waited for the boys to get home from school (12, 8, and 6) so we could go up to the park. No, not so much. By the time we got there, the sun was gone and it was windy and freezing. But, we still went. If only to take some pictures :)

And lastly, the bookstore I work at changed their store hours today, so I have now been off for coming up on five hours. I don't know what to do with all this time (well, except for blog, of course!)

And there's this, which is just fun as long as you ignore how incredibly out of focus it is:


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

The hubs asked my mom, too! Who cares what pops thinks?? HA! Congrats on the almost engagement.

Meshele said...

Gotta get through mom, dad, brother, and all my aunts (and maybe uncles). I almost feel sorry for anyone who tries to marry me.

And your niece is adorable! And don't be too surprised people think she's yours! My aunt is mistaken for my mother before my mom is!

New Girl on Post said...

So glad that the list is complete and that the parents approve.