Saturday, March 28, 2009


I used that word yesterday, and I was not trying to be funny. It just came out, like it was a normal, everyday word for me. I suddenly feel as though I should be wearing a poodle skirt.

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging messages on the last post regarding my, um, new role as a stay-at-home student. I won't say I'm entirely over being bitter about the situation, but I don't base all of my thoughts on it anymore (you know, there's that whole sleeping period where I have no control over them ;]) so I'm getting there. I waited until the next day to remind myself that there are starving children in Africa and then it was all better. Of course, it helps that I've met some African kiddies who have it hard, and are just so darn cute that I must show them to you:


^Alfon (2 months old) on my back...excuse the get-up, that's proper.

^A couple kids at the orphanage. Please don't focus on my hair...I was actually really sick that day. (The only time I've ever been glad for the statement "TIA," aka "This Is Africa"...aka we don't care what we look like.)

But, anyway, now that we have seen all the cute children, back to less important things like...a job. The search will start again on Monday, although I have no idea where, and hopefully will hit on something. I know there is a new pub that just opened up in our general area that is looking for everything from hostesses to bartenders, and I'm willing to bet I'd make a lot of money there due to it's location. However, B has formally forbade me from working at a pub (because he's a jealous fool). Is it bad that that kind of makes me want to do it even more? Hmm!

I'll keep you updated on how things go, but for now I'm going to hop off here and work on a huge Huichol yarn art studio project (of which, you will be receiving pictures of upon it's completion) that will eventually look like a slightly-less-detailed version of this:



Hannah Noel said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Was Africa a mission trip? I've been on them all over the states, and once to Mexico and Honduras-- but I'd love to go to Africa!

Those kiddos are so adorable. They always break your heart in the best way possible :)

New Girl on Post said...

I'm so sorry about the job news! I hope that it is only for a month. I'm crossing my fingers! :)

I want to hear more about this Africa trip. Was it a short thing? Or were you there for awhile?