Monday, March 16, 2009

This Will Be (A Post About My Everlasting Love for Florida)

As promised, pictures and fun times!

First, the most important thing: the ocean.

It wasn't clearwater, but it was a small, non-crowded, five minute drive away beach that burnt me just the same (trust me). I'd post pictures of the burn, but then you'd see my leg.

Spent most of the time hanging around with the family. Apparently the cool thing to do in florida two years ago was to get pregnant have have a least in my family...because we have three boys: 18 months, 15 months, 12 months...all in Florida. And they are all equally adorable. My favorite kid pic (the 12 month old):

But on Friday we went to the Flea Market. I know what you are thinking and no, I am not a hillbilly. Well...not that big of one, anyway. But I love Flea Markets because you can find some of the most unique things at prices that are at least closer to what you should have to pay for them. My purchases (except the dog crate in the back...that was not mine):

The bracelets are actually magnetic, and you unravel them and then roll them back around your wrist or neck or ankle or wherever you want. For $1 each, I decided I could have them. The elephant is spectacular and goes amazingly well in my room (I should probably take a picture of my room so that you understand this...maybe next post haha). The hat is for B, because he certainly does not have enough Air Force hats and I certainly did not just buy him another one a month ago. The bag was just too adorable to pass up. The other things I probably could have left there and not have been hurting, but then I would have been disappointed :]
I also fell in love with this dog while there, an 11 week old siberian husky/retreiver mix:

But onto Busch Gardens - Africa!

This place was awesome! So gorgeous, and had some of the best exhibits (attractions? I don't know what to call things in a zoo/amusement park). They just opened a new thing called Jungalla, which is a Bengal Tiger exhibit. underneath the main area there is a place where there is a bubble stuck up into the middle of the exhibit and you can go up into the bubble (just big enough for one person) and get up close and personal with the tigers. Well, while we were there the tiger decided to lay on top of the bubble.

(p.s I have no idea who that child is, but I thank him for posing automatically for my photo)
The tigers were very cool.

(things I need: a camera that will let me have control over the focus)
The gorillas were fascinating as well:

And these elephants made my life:

Bang Head Here
The landscaping was absolutely gorgeous:

Although I was unaware that there were electric lanterns on stone walls in Africa. But, this was also very close to the "Stanleyville trainstation". Because everyone knows the famous Stanleyville, Africa.

And there you have it! A weeks worth of photos! ...well, 6% of the weeks worth of photos :]

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New Girl on Post said...

Love the pics! I too love flea markets and if that makes me a hillbilly than so be it. :)