Monday, March 9, 2009

Bon Voyage! And other tales.

The weekend went wonderfully! Really!

Friday night we headed off to the circus, and E was a perfect child the whole night. No sarcasm included here. He was every parents best dream. Really! So much so that I was afraid he wasn't feeling well. He's star at the circus, looking completely bored, and then he'd suddenly turn around to me and say "I love the circus, don't you love the circus?!" and I'd agree and then he throw out an incredibly quick "I love you." for no reason and turn his attention back to the circus. Repeat this process every five minutes for the first half of the show. He didn't ask for one thing the whole night. Cotton candy, snocones, flashing toys...they all went by, and he didn't even hint to wanting any of it. It was my decision to get the snocone and the flashing sword for him, he didn't ask for it. I couldn't believe how great of a kid he was.

Things that suck: my camera in the dark.

The best part of the night, though, was thirty seconds after we sat down. There was a clown out who had kicked off his shoes and was trying to show us the holes in his socks. A little kid, maybe five or six years old, that was sitting behind us goes:
"We don't care 'boutcho feet!"
I laughed for upwards of ten minutes.

B got his new car. A mazda 3, 2009. It has good cupholders. But no powerlocks or powerwindows. He promptly pointed out the carseat holster in the back to me, however. I have no idea how I got so lucky to find a guy who likes kids as much as I do.

And Baby B came about two hours after E left on Saturday. She was a delight all weekend. Happy as a clam (...although, I really don't understand how a clam can be happy) and just giggly the whole time.

(yes, that is me in shorts. why? because it was 75 degrees out yesterday. the baby in socks is Baby B's cousin K. and the jeans is my mom.)
And she learned how to play the organ, and got a little Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles on me (excuse the darkness. things that also suck: my video camera):

Also, Beyonce makes all things better:

(and I keep forgetting that I can't take a portrait video)

And I have just finished packing, and have decided that I packed more skirts than I even knew I owned. I don't know how to pack for heat anymore, since it's been winter here for an eternity lately. ;] But I did my best. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something I'll regret later. Off in the morning!


New Girl on Post said...

75 degrees? I am jealous!

Love the circus! Takes me back to my childhood!

Air Force Wife said...

Circus? you must be in SC our Circus is in town too! I went last year...kind wanted to go this year but to busy getting ready to move! haha

Hannah Noel said...

I'm so jealous of your awesome weather. It dropped into the 20s-30s here! I'm about to die. Seriously.

The circus trip sounded fun! But I feel bad for those poor elephants :(

That little girl is sooo cute.