Friday, March 13, 2009

Shrimped Lobster Diving

A few incredibly short things:

I spent more money at the flea market down here than I did the mall. And I got a seriously amazing elephant that I will post pictures of next week when I'm home. :)

I cannot eat fish when it looks like a fish, and I do not really enjoy it when it doesn't. My vegetarian friends find this thoroughly fascinating and don't understand why I am not one because of it.

I absolutely hate the new facebook. They just changed the damn homepage a few months ago, can't they just leave it alone? I barely got a hang of that one as it was. I'm considering running a little boycott, because I don't have time to figure it out, and it's making the computer incredibly slow.

Technology and I are not people who keep up with each other. I do not have a twitter, and just recently started hearing about it and have no idea what it is. I had to look up what "FML" meant when it started showing up all over facebook. I have a playstation (the original, thankyouverymuch), and the cheapest laptop I could get at the time, and when it freezes, I just turn it off and hope it fixes itself. I think I'm getting old.

Upon my return on Sunday I am fully prepared to promise B a year of no-air-force-hat-buying-for-him because everytime I go somewhere I come home with one and his collection is ridiculously large now (But I find the coolest ones, I just can't pass them up!)

I also come home with many books that I could have bought at home for cheaper.

Men in Florida have zero confidence issues. And I apparently appear to be a native.

B got the list of bases that house his top job choice. The closest one to us? Georgia. Which is actually great, because I have family in Georgia and my parents are there often to visit--and my family there has a beach house in NC that we would most likely be granted access to :) Everything else is out West or in Delaware.

Heading to Busch Gardens tomorrow (never made it Thursday) and then driving into Georgia directly from there.

B and I may be coming back down here to the keys to do some SCUBA in August. Lobster diving. Although, I have zero idea what Lobster diving entails.

My best friend is leaving for Turkey tomorrow. I'm excited for her. But nervous that I won't hear from here for two weeks!

I 100% love the 80 degree weather down here and would have no problem with it all year round. But, I am incredibly ready to be home with B and my family. It would be different if I was with people I typically spend time with, but I'm very out of my element since I haven't been here or traveled with my father in 7 years, and it's nerve wrecking. I'm very ready to go home and have normal conversations with normal people.

/whine. ;]


High Heels & Combat Boots said...

We kind of want to get stationed at Georgia too. I love Savannah--there is an army base close. Anywho--the weather here in KY blows right now! Don't look forward to it by any means.

Meshele said...

Hey! I love you and all, but what's wrong with "out west"? :P

facebook is teh suck, lately. As opposed to flea markets, which are awesome! Let's see those pictures!