Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Worst Lies I Tell Myself

Every year, without fail, I tell myself a mixture of these lies upon my first encounter with the heat that I love so much:

"15 is good enough sunscreen."
"It's not that hot out."
"I'm not burnt, I'm barely even brown!"
"I don't need sunscreen on my stomach."
"Nah, my legs aren't burning. They're just red 'cause they're hot."
"Take aloe? No, I won't need it."

This year was no exception. I just got back from spending a glorious four hours on a little tiny beach (because the water is too cold to swim in anyway). I did put sunscreen on my face, because it always burns, and a little bit on my shoulders because it really, really sucks to put a bra on burnt shoulders. But I ignored my legs and my belly, and spent most the time sitting in a (devil) chair so my back is fine and my front is completely burnt. My Italian/Czech (or as my relatives down here say, "Eye-talian") half is easily coaxed into brown-ness, but the German/Welsh half of me fights it and immediately turns my brown to red upon prolonged sun exposure. Damn Germans. ;)

(I was affectionately referred to in these sentencee today: "Via, you're already brown! You little shit.")

Yup, learned my lesson this year, yet again!

Florida is glorious, though. It's turned out to be wonderful weather this week (in the 80's and sunny with no rain, in fact they are in the middle of a drought!). Thinking of venturing out to Busch Gardens tomorrow (...and wearing 50 sunscreen).

Hopefully I'll have some good pictures up for ya by next week!



High Heels & Combat Boots said...

I know how you feel. I burned in Florida in FEBRUARY!!!

Hannah Noel said...

I burn sooo easily... cause I'm an Irish/german mix. The worst kind!!

Milly said...

You're lucky you turn brown at all! I was in class last week and had to sit by the window (in the sun) and was treated to a burn. No lie. My professor commented on it.

Great class. Mhm.

I hope you're having an amazing time! =D I can't wait for the photos!

Air Force Wife said...

I'm right there with you on telling yourself little lies!!!!