Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Money Overpowers Brain

The discovery of the house in the last post (which, by the way, has a total of 18 rooms in it and is, actually, gorgeous and zoned for commercial property...not that I looked, or anything...) made me want to flip through a few other houses in the pricier neighbors surrounding our city to see what they are going for and how extravagant they really get. The conclusion: people have wayyy more money than sense.

I mean, come on. Unless your name is Harry Potter or you are running a real Hogwarts (in which case I suggest you also build a white padded room), what the crap do you need with a Great Room?

And how much traffic are they anticipating on these stairs?

Never fear, rush hour stair traffic! You can always take the elevator!

Although I'm pretty sure I've figured out the logic behind this pool being so far away from this house. You're dry by the time you get back inside. Never fear, all-wood floors!

All I have to say is I hope they plan on fixing all the holes in this wall whenever someone with a butler (to use the butler/service kitchen, of course) decides to buy this house. I can't blame them, though, I'd need pictures to remind me of what all the other rooms and inhabitants looked like if I lived here, too.

And for the record, if you 'only' have 9 bedrooms...why in the world would you need 8 full baths and 4 half baths? Just in case 3 friends are visiting and everyone conveniently has to pee at the same time?? But, why do you need all those bedrooms anyway? Unless you breed like The Duggars, you don't. And from what I've ever seen...if you breed like the Duggars, you can't afford that many bedrooms.

So where are these random millionaires breeding like rabbits? And how can I get one to adopt me and then leave me all their money? ;]

P.S. None of the homes showed here were below $5,000,000.


Air Force Wife said...

oh this post makes me laugh!! I too have wonder why someone would need so many bathrooms!!!

indiana.girl said...

Too funny! I guess one never knows when a pee emergency may take place, involving at least eight and four halves people...but if it does happen, this house is prepared!

Meshele said...

Not only that, but imagine the horror of being on one side of the house, and your bathroom being on the other! And in one so large, one simply must have multiple bathrooms in case of such dire emergency.

(I'm slipping into Austen-like speak. Ooer)

Crystal Rae said...

OMG i would love to live their, because it's huge